In the slums of kenya

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a harsh effect on the country of Kenya. With few basic resources to pull from, Kenyans primarily depend on aid, making the wake of COVID 19 particularly painful in their poorest regions and slums. According to the World Bank nearly 1 billion people today live on $1 dollar a day. Many of the slum residents fit this statistic: exacerbating COVID19’s effects by the upset of daily work, eliminating income, money for healthcare, food, hygiene products, etc. for thousands of households. GCM is hustling to collaborate with our partners to bring swift, sustainable relief to the slums and poor communities ravaged by COVID19 and the economic upsets involved. We are actively identifying 500+ families to provide with food, hygiene products and other necessary supplies.
Inmates in over 20 Kenyan prisons are being identified for provision of basic hygiene products. This group of people are vulnerable to life-altering effects of a pandemic and COVID-19. We’re acting quickly to mitigate the risks of COVID19 in the Kenya prisons, praying the bars of soap and hygienic products literally save lives.
Join GCM as we respond to these needs in Jesus’ name. Believing God will make a way through every difficulty so His name is glorified, His kingdom advanced and His good news spread all over the world until earth looks like heaven.


Mission Partner - Destiny Chapel - Based in Nairobi Kenya

Lead by Pastor Joel Chola, Destiny Chapel is a significant partner of GCM in East Africa. Pastor Joel has a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serving in missions and outreach throughout Africa, India and the USA. He has led his church to follow the Acts model through serving the poor, widows, orphans and evangelizing to the lost throughout the five countries of East Africa. Joel helps organize feeding programs in the slums, child rescue missions, and joins with us in reaching out to the largest refugee population in the world, which is found in Kenya. Today Destiny Chapel has over 25 church plants, with 50 additional programs including outreach in schools, to youth and in prisons. Through their home church in Nairobi, Kenya, Pastor Joel and his team biblically train and commission pastors to follow the word of God and go and impact East Africa for Jesus Christ. Joel’s goal is to plant 148 churches throughout Kenya, one for each Christian that was murdered because of their faith by Muslim Radicals in the college massacre in Garissa, Kenya, in 2015.  Joel says,“Until the whole world knows Jesus, we Christians have a job to do!”  Joel and Destiny Chapel are an important part of our East Africa Mission and we are honored to partner with them to reach the world for Christ.